Unveiling the Spectacular Attractions of the Dubai of Gold

Dubai is a kaleidoscope of majestic towers, showy malls, shores, amusement greens, and standard souks city of United Arab of Emirates. Dubai is optimistic, enthusiastic, and the maximum of life. The metropolis looks handsome and with so much to do, Dubai entices tourists roughly the year. Before you think, boggled with what to accomplish and correspond. 

Here are our suggestions on top items to do in Dubai, for somebody of all age levels which contain a sea to skydiving at Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, a lake passage at Dubai Spray, a desert safari with BBQ feed, and more. All you need is to book your tickets from Emirates and plan your expedition. Try this knowledge and complete your Dubai trip worth it for all reasons.

If you are excited to plan your travel journey to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, then you need to follow me so that you can visit all the destinations and make your travel journey full of entertainment. So are you ready to explore all the attractions of Dubai with the help of the Emirates by booking your tickets? 

Attractions of Dubai

There are innumerable things to do in Dubai from the auditorium to the beachfront, shopping, and better. The mixed fun and stunning occasions in Dubai have been commented down, definitely for you.  

Desert Safari

Examining the most profitable exercises in Dubai? Desert safari is one of the try and multiple engrossing things to do in Dubai with households, specifically with kids. Desert safaris here possess dune-bashing sandboarding, camel safari, and square biking. Not solely these adventure sports but you will be following electrifying blaze shows, Tanura displays, belly prom, and your daytime will finish with a scrumptious barbeque spread. It is half a daytime exercise and no Dubai voyage is finished without this! If you want to explore this plan then book your journey now from Emirates.

Establishment: Al Qudra Desert, Dubai

Opening hours: 3:30 pm to 9: 30pm

Tickets: INR 5095/person

Dhow Dinner Cruise

After finishing the whole day in the metropolis, how about rolling and dining in a standard Dhow on Dubai Creek? The thought of the metropolis with a glancing skyline at twilight is excellent while the amiable 3-hour long cruise and splendid dinner completes it as one of the most reasonable things to do in Dubai. This ideological expedition is presented by numerous instruments that offer stunning deals. Certainly, it is one of the most reasonable items to accomplish in Dubai at night

Establishment: Dubai Creek

Opening hours: 8:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Tickets: INR 850/person

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Gliding in a sumptuous hot air balloon over the Dubai desert sounds like an objective. But this is the multiple of the adventurous items to accomplish in Dubai and one can surely test this amazing adventure while vacationing in Dubai from Emirates. Swimming at 4,000 ft from the base; one can explore the planet’s foremost in-flight falcon display during the Dubai Hot Air Balloon Ride. If you are having this knowledge will make unforgettable adventures and the experience from this elevated measurement will depart your jaw drop. 

Establishment: Tiffany Tower Dubai

Opening hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Tokens: INR 25,000/person.

Ski Dubai

 The Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is a must-visit interest in Dubai. Visitors can participate in indoor snowboarding, and skiing, and even have fun with snow, creating snowballs and different snow animals. For those finding adrenaline exhilaration and incident, skiing at Ski Dubai is one of the exhilarating exercises to do while on vacation in Dubai. It is also believed to be one of the elevated adventure activities in Dubai. So, plan your vacation now by booking tickets from Emirates

Location: Ski Dubai, Mall of the Emirates 

Opening hours: 10 am to 11 pm

Tickets: INR 4111/ person

Helicopter Ride

Dubai is a fantasy-filled terminus and there are plenty of things that experienced junkies and thrill-finders will treasure to surrender to. One such thing is the chopper ride over the Dubai metropolis. The background of 25 minutes of elongated helicopter passage will present a breathtaking sight of the Dubai Creek, Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi, Palm Jumeirah, Wild Wadi, The Jumeirah coastline, and The World Islands. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most entertaining things to accomplish in Dubai, that no one needs to ignore.

Establishment: Atlantis, Dubai

Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm

Tickets: INR 12594/person

Quad Biking

Visualize yourself cruising via the yellow dunes of Dubai on a four-wheeled bicycle, handling the thrill of excitement as you gather and move via them. This is one of the numerous stimulating movements you can share in Dubai, and you can accomplish it all yourself by booking your tickets from Emirates. Want the adrenaline-pumping passage as you probe the desert?


Experience enthusiasts calling Dubai can participate in wakeboarding and revive surfing at Marina. Exhilarating passages are delivered to all who desire this silliness and even revive commands are scheduled for experience junkies. You can have a lot of fun here if you are planning to visit this spot during your visit to the Emirates

Burj Khalifa

Nothing can be more engrossing than observing the twilight from the 124th and 125th ranks of Burj Khalifa, the earth’s most soaring tower. With a stunning 360-degree panorama over the Arabian Gulf. Burj Khalifa is a famous hotspot for all types of visitors and participating in the gorgeous twilight thought from there has been one of the most suitable things to do in Dubai with family.

Establishment: Dubai

Opening hours: During sunset. 

Tickets: INR 4417/person


These are some of the best places to explore in Dubai. I recommend all my readers that if they are planning their journey to Dubai then you must book your flights with Emirates to have the best experience.

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