The Right Way to Travel with Colleagues

Travelling for work is quite different from when you are travelling with your friends or family. All of us would agree that no matter how close we are with our work buddies, the comfort zone is not the same as it is with our loved ones. This difference is even more evident when you are required to travel with your colleagues. 

There are all types of offices. While you may be required to travel with colleagues very frequently, other offices may have a yearly trip for all employers. In both cases, you are travelling with your buddies from the work environment and while you may be excited, it may make you a little anxious too. 

No matter what kind of an office trip it is, there is always an agenda. Remember that the aim of work trips is not only to enjoy. It can either be to meet a client and score a deal or a more casual trip that requires employers to create a bond for working better as a team in the future. 

We do not want you to back out from a trip with colleagues just because you are having last-minute jitters or are not sure about what is the right way to act for these few days the trip will take place. Given below are a few tips that will come in handy and will prepare you for a trip with your colleagues. 

Maintain Professional Boundaries

It is okay to be close friends with your colleagues. However, it is a work trip after all. If there is anything you would avoid doing or saying at the office, do not say it on the trip either. Try and keep the sharing of personal details to a minimum or not at all.

Take Initiative 

We do not suggest doing this only during the trip but also when the trip is being planned. You can opt to book tickets or help with the itinerary. While this may be some extra work, you can kickstart the trip with some extra points. If you do volunteer for anything, do ask everyone if they have any special requirements. 

Create a Bond

There is no better time than an office trip to create meaningful bonds. You can start by giving compliments or trying out a conversation started. Try and use your phone a little less so that you do not come out as someone who is not interested. Socialise with your colleagues but also be sure that you do not overshare or gossip.

Do Not Hesitate to Say No

While it is natural and positive to get out of your comfort zone, do not do it out of pressure or the fear of saying no. Sometimes, we give in to a lot of things at the office just because we feel like saying no will create a bad impression. However, it is okay to say no to activities or plans you are not comfortable taking part in during the trip. Just make sure you are polite and are giving a valid reason for why you may be saying no.

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